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Games for Boys
BOYS GAMES. Welcome to - Ideas of games for boys

We hope to give you some ideas and suggestions to keep the little monsters amused.

Everything from the old fashioned toys to modern computer games.

For Starters
Games and Toys like Lego, Mousetrap, Snakes and Ladders, KerPlunk, Scrabble, Connect Four and of course, my favourite, Battleships, are just a few of the classics.

In these days however, boys are so interested in technology, maybe even more than adults are. So computer games are very popular indeed.

Online Games
Also enjoy some of the online games here on

Internet Trends and the Gaming Industry
Games are a distraction and thus may be beneficial to the mental state of mind; there are a lot of times when the mind will be under tremendous stress from working or learning. Games may also be beneficial to the player on both a mental as well as a physical level. In most cases the games that children involve in may be played using joy sticks or computer keys.

Reflex action from the body is enhanced by most of the fun games for boys such as the motor bike and arcade games. The games can be played by either installing them on computers, or using the gaming consoles where no internet connections can be available, but there are games that can also be played online.

Board games are a great source of fun for people of all ages. Classics such as scrabble help the player in sharpening their skills in the English language. Other different board games may be fun based such as chess, but they can only be won via strategy, while in most cases the board games are usually a physical board with game pieces, it is also possible to play online games based on the boards. Different board games can be conceptualized into program codes that can be installed in computers or even hand held devices such as mobile phones from where the player can access them.

In most cases games are most interesting when one is engaged in the games alone, a friend or two makes the experience more enjoyable. Though physical presence is preferred, there are fun games for boys that can utilize the ability of the internet connectivity ports provided in the gaming consoles and the PCs to connect to the internet and join thousands of players that are logged on to play online games from varying sources.

Picking Fun Games For Boys
Boys Games There are some things that are just classic and should always be remembered.
Games like Monopoly, twister, trouble, scrabble, connect four, and battleship are some of these classics.

There are so many different board games out there, but who takes the time to play them anymore?

Well it's not so much that they aren't played, but more along the lines of where they're played; Online or in some kind of hand held contraption; not that those aren't insanely fun, it just seems like the older toys and games have just fallen of the wagon. Especially when it comes to fun games for boys.

It's so easy to remember the days when fun games for boys were out and about in abundance. There were things like slime, build your own bug gummy treat makers, and even things like Nerf dart shooters. Those were the type of things that included every child, but let them have fun in their own right. Being the winner at the end of an all out water gun game was truly a special thing for a lot of little boys.

Even little footballs and other outdoor toys were more in abundance or promoted for their use. But now, it is very hard to find fun games for boys no matter what the age.

In today's society, fun is the equivalent of electronic. Anyone born in the 90's was an avid technology user by the time they reached middle school.

Boys Games Anyone born in 2000 was a genius technology user by the time they became ten. With PlayStations, X box's, and other Computer Games on the market; it's hard to choose which ones would be appropriate for a young lad. While it's great that all games on the market are required to have some form of rating, it doesn't make the quest to find fun games for boys easier. Finding out what he likes to do in real life is a great way to get started in figuring out what games they'd like technology wise.

Many electronic fun games for boys are in the action, role playing, fighting, and racing sections. With technology the way it is now, the graphics alone would keep them entertained for a long time to come. Just be sure to ask them what types of games that they'd like before purchase, because games in these times are very expensive. Having them watch walk through of different video games would help them choose what they'd like.

To learn much more about the fun games for boys, please visit where you'll find this and much more.

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More Outdoor Fun Games To Try Outdoor games
The outdoor game of 500
If your kids love sports and want to play catch with a twist, introduce them to the game of 500.

One child is the thrower - give the child a football and stand them about 20 feet in front of the remaining children.

The child with the ball throws it up into the air towards the waiting players while calling out a number between 50 and 500.

The one to catch the ball earns the number of points called, but if that child drops the ball, they lose those points.

The first player to accumulate 500 points becomes the next thrower.

Lets have a look at some Remote Control Aircrafts
Lift Off!.......Lets take to the skies captain.
boysBut before you take to the air, remember that many remote control aircraft requires a bit of practice to fly.

However technological advances make piloting easier for the beginner.

You can have fun outdoors and indoors with RC aircraft, yes some models are small enough to fly in your living room.

The Easy Rider Heli Replay for example is small enough for indoor flying - keeping destruction indoors to a minimum - just incase you crash and burn.

AR.Drone 2.0
boys With this bad boy you can spy on anything you want from above.

The Drone has four propellers and a forward facing high-defination camera.

The resolution is 640 x 480 pixels and streams the video back to your smartphone or other handheld device.

It also boasts a very clever built-in compass.

I cant decide if this is a toy or a tool for roofers, tree surgeons or possibly estate agents. Maybe it's both.

Finally I feel I must mention the red “emergency” button which instantly cuts the power and the drone drops just like a stone, incase anything goes wrong. (dont fly it too close over the greenhouse is my tip)

The price of this cool RC is around 285.00 pounds - Details Here
DO YOU LIKE ROBOTS AND ROBOTICS - if so, you may like - Articles, News, Videos and more.
The Telstar video game console produced by Coleco first went on sale in 1976.

The piece of Jewellery pictured on Monopoly's tax space is a Diamond ring.

Back in August 1984 Scrabble board game sold its 100 millionth copy. Wonder what the figure is now?

There are a 100 squares on a Snakes and Ladders board.

The Game of Chess originated in India, around the 6th century A.D. It was known as the Royal Game.

It would take 40 billion LEGO bricks to reach the Moon if they were stacked in a single column.

Total games Nintendo has sold as of December 14 2009 is 3.5 billion and counting.

The Wii (video games) Sports has shipped more than 76.76 million so far

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boys games boys games
boys games boys games
If you are thinking of having a party at your place, you will need to think of a lot of ideas to keep the guests entertained. Party board games are the best way to ensure maximum interaction between the guests so that no one feels left out.

There are some traditional games that you could use like Monopoly or Sorry, but to turn up the energy of the party, you will need to incorporate some modern board games.

There are board games that have been made specifically for parties and these keep the crowd entertained and laughing till the very end of the party.

Find Out More About The Best Party Board Games

A little bit of history about the board game Monopoly
The game can be traced back to the early 20th century. The earliest known design was by the American Elizabeth Magie created in 1903.

A series of board games were developed from 1906 through the 1930s that involved the buying and selling of land and the development of that land. By 1934, a board game had been created much like the version of Monopoly sold by Parker Brothers and its parent companies through the rest of the 20th century, and into the 21st.

Several people, mostly in the Midwestern United States and near the East Coast, contributed to the game's design and evolution.

A tea party for kids complete with menus and games.
As summer is finally here and the childrens birthday parties approach, i need some ideas for outside Fun and Games to keep them amused, so hopefully the party will last for a few good hours.
Here is some good advice from
"I suspect Tea Party games have always been played. Pretending to be grown up has always been a favorite game of children. To pretend you are giving a tea party, someone must be the hostess and others must be guests. Your guests may be other children, dolls, or stuffed bears and other animals.

For a tea party, there must be tea and food. This may consist of the make believe variety that only children can see, or the real thing. Children love to add reality to their pretend games by adding props such as real food and even china.

Whether or not, your children add reality to the game or not is of little importance since Tea Party games are about the details and the procedure. The details may include everything from dressing up in old-fashioned fancy clothing to making and sending invitations to the party. If real guests are arriving, you must have a selection of fancy dress clothing so they can not only act like high society, but also feel it. Guests should look the part. It would be great to have fancy dresses or gowns, boas, furs, picture hats, fans, parasols, and tons of jewelry. If dolls and bears are guests, find small items like fancy hats or jewelry to add to their costume. If real guests are invited, make up paper invitations from scratch or with your computer in the shape of a teapot. For an all girl party add frilly lace or pressed flowers to the invitations. A mixed party invitation might use pieces of yarn or ribbon to make the invitations more decorative.

Party ideas: Tea party games for children
Real guests may mean eatable food. Lemonade or Kool-Aid in the teapot and fancy decorated cupcakes may be served. Small dishes of nuts or mints would be special. You could use real tea also, with small dishes for sugar cubes, and lemon. Have on hand, milk, and honey.

Little girls appreciate beautiful china and lacy tablecloths. Boys may not care about those things so keep it simpler if they are among your guests. Napkins and candles could go far in creating atmosphere for your table. You may not want to light them, just use them for elegance.

Crafts would be great fun at a tea party. Paper weaving may be used to make place mats or napkin rings. Guests could make Kleenex or crepe paper flowers for a centerpiece or weave baskets to carry real flowers in. You might add crafts that help create your dress-up accessories such as making large paper hats or beaded jewelry. Be creative.

Games to play at the tea party could include Pin the Cup on the Saucer borrowing from an old classic. Make it work for your theme. Just cut out a large saucer and cup from cardboard and decorate prettily. Let blindfolded children try to pin it in the right place. Push pins or even tape could be used.

Another fun game for a tea party would be to have a relay race. Small children could carry water in teaspoons to put into a teapot. After pouring their water in the teapot, they hurry back to their team and hand the spoon to the next person. The first team to fill the teapot or the team with the most water after a set period of time will win the relay.

Make cute little white sugar cube-shaped beanbags to throw into a very large teapot at some distance away. Make a cardboard teapot and fasten to a large bucket or bowl. Winners may be the ones to get their ‘sugar cube’ in the pot. Add challenges if necessary to extend the game. Maybe the game could be played standing with their back toward the pot and throwing it over their shoulder. Try throwing with the opposite hand or even play it blindfolded if it seems too easy for your group.

Don’t forget the song I’m a Little Teapot complete with the actions for another fun activity. Check the library or your Internet resources for the exact words to this old classic song."

Have fun.

I hope this helps, Let's prey the weather is kind.. Article source from
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